LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — As the temperature increases, so do the chances of heat-related injuries or deaths for children, but one organization is working to keep kids safe.

Safe Kids Fayette County works to keep children protected, especially during the summer months. They encourage children to drink lots of fluids and take breaks often, if playing out in the sun, to avoid exhaustion.

They also encourage parents to leave something like a shoe or purse in the back seat as a reminder to check for children before getting out of their car.

“We talk to kids and caregivers about ways that they can keep themselves safe during summer months, especially during the extreme heat. We just want to give reminders about things that they can do if they need to be outside, take frequent rest breaks, try to get into some air conditioning, and drink lots of fluids. Kids just don’t handle extreme heat as well as adults do under four, and especially infants. They just can’t regulate body temperature. So it’s really important that we make sure that we pay attention to that particular age group of young people,” said Sherri Hannan of Safe Kids Fayette County.

The organization is planning a Safe Kids Day event to share even more tips, it’s happening Tuesday, June 21 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Charles Young Center at 540 East Third Street.

“The event is going to be for kids of all ages where we’re just bringing attention to things that they’re going to be doing this summer on their bikes at the playground, at the pool, just reminders about ways that they can keep themselves safe. We’re hoping that parents will be with them and we can talk to them about things that they can do as far as safety devices and just reminders about some of those safe practices,” said Hannan.

For more information visit safekids.org.