LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Icy roads have made it difficult for frontline workers and the most vulnerable Kentuckians to go from one place to another.

For many frontline workers and vulnerable Kentuckians, Sunday afternoon’s threat of wintry weather across Lexington posed a direct threat to their lives.

“It is everything from dropping off doctors or nurses or critical care patients like the dialysis. Also janitors we pick up, as long as they are in the medical field profession,” said Lieutenant Ryker.

On snowy days, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office braves the snowy roads to deliver prescription meds, provide welfare checks, and transportation to those on the frontlines in the healthcare industry.

“I think most people appreciate that we are out here trying to get them to the medical facilities whether they be an employee or a patient,” said Ryker.

Ryker said he’d rather transport the good guys than chase the bad ones.

“It is a break, it is nice to be able to help people in a different aspect from time to time,” said Ryker.

For the past nineteen years, the sheriff’s office has not let frigid weather stop their mission.

“The office has been doing this since 2003 and we have had several ice storms and that is when one of the worst ice storms that came through,” said Ryker.