Fayette interim superintendent hopes to return students to classrooms soon


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Fayette County Public Schools say they are ready to have students back in the classroom, but it’s the data that will determine when.

The district released a matrix to families, which outlines five stages from all in-person learning, up to remote only– the stage we’re in now.

When students return to school depends on factors like the seven-day average number of cases, student and teacher quarantines and isolations, operational support and vaccinations.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Marlene Helm says the decline in cases the last few days is promising. She says if the trend continues, kindergartners, first and second graders could be back in their seats by Feb. 1.

“We are trying as hard as we can to return to in-person and will do that just as expeditiously as we possibly can, but with 40,000 plus students, 1,500 bus routes, a fleet of 300 buses, we have factors that we have to consider,” Dr. Helm said.

Dr. Helm said after kindergarten, first and second grade, the rest of elementary school students will go back school, then middle and finally high school.

She said it’s easier to control any spread with students that stay in one classroom versus those who travel from class to class.

Helm says there will likely be help offered to FCPS students this summer who feel they have fallen behind in school.

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