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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDKY) – A group of Fayette County parents and students protested against virtual learning in Frankfort Tuesday.

A Facebook group called “Let Them Learn in Fayette County” organized the event. The group has more than 1,500 members.

A few dozen people were there for the protest. Protestors held signs saying “Let Me Learn” and “I need school.”

Members of the group say they are frustrated with virtual learning. They are calling on lawmakers and education leaders to reopen classrooms.

Parents are telling us they’re now having to choose between going to work and teaching their children at home. They say they’re worried there will be too much of a learning gap if kids continue to learn virtually.

Some of the children at the protest have told us they don’t understand their online lessons as well as when they were learning in person.

“Sometimes it’s like internet connection issues. You get logged off, then you get back on, and then you don’t know what’s happening,” said 7th grader Avery Perkins.

We also spoke with District 61s representative, Republican Savanna Maddox, who also joined the protest on the Capitol steps.

“The farther apart that learning gap gets, the more that it broadens,” said Rep. Savannah Maddox. “I think we’re going to have long term repercussions in test scores and college attainment later on in life. I think it’s really going to have a cumulative effect and we need to get kids back in school.”

She says school districts shouldn’t feel pressure to continue virtual learning, agreeing with parents at the Capitol that students should be back in the classroom.

When asked who assumes the liability if kids go back and there is a massive spike in cases, Maddox says she doesn’t believe any school district should be held accountable for that.

Parents say they want the governor and legislators to understand how important this issue is to them.

Governor Beshear has recommended Kentucky schools should wait to go back to in-person learning until September 28.