Camp encourages Lexington youth to pursue firefighting


    The Lexington Fire Department hosted its second Brenda Cowan Fire Camp on Saturday.

    Brenda Cowan was a Lexington Fire Department lieutenant who passed away in the line of duty. She's remembered by her colleagues with a camp. It's used to inform youth on how to become a firefighter.

    Battalion Chief Lee Hayden said the camp isn't only a way to teach skills and build young leaders in the community, it also gives a sense of purpose.

    Hayden said young people often don't know what they want out of their future or how to pursue it. The camp is an outlet to try community service and see how important firefighters are to a community.

    A couple of the attendees said they got learned a lot during their time at the training facility.

    "People don't know exactly what it's about and all the little things you have to go through to do it. But if they give it a chance, I feel like everyone would love being a firefighter," said high school senior David Rhodes.

    High school junior Brody Neeley added, "and I would want to be that person. I would want the satisfaction of bringing those people out safely and know that they are safe."

    The Lexington Fire Department is planning on holding more camps. You can visit their website, , or call them for more information.

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