Forecast sparks boost in business at hardware stores


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – After the ice storm this week, people in Lexington are making sure they’re stocked up on supplies in case of more bad weather ahead of us.

Chevy Chase Hardware employees handed out the last pallet of ice melt in the store.

“And I’m here to tell you Lowes and Home Depot are out. This is it,” said shopper Chuck Vellios.

After seeing how slick and dangerous their driveways and sidewalks got after the ice storm this week, Lexington shoppers aren’t taking chances with any upcoming storms.

UK student Luke Fetzer says he and his four roommates weren’t as prepared as they should have been.

“It took me 30 minutes to de-ice my car, so that was pretty tough. Definitely going to be more prepared going into this one,” Fetzer said.

Spending his Friday working to rectify their past mistakes, as we head into another week of potentially rough winter weather.

“I’m actually going to the grocery store right now to get some more food. Living in a house of five guys, it goes like that. So going to get some more milk, some more bread. The normal stuff you need for five college guys to survive,” Fetzer said.

As for a dad locked in the house with his kids the past couple of days, David Phemister says he’s preparing in other ways.

“Everyone goes for milk and bread, but we’re set on that. It’s always good to have a little beer and bourbon on hand so we’ll have that, too,” Phemister said.

Folks are preparing to hunker down if need be.

Chevy Chase Hardware owners say they’re working to get more shipments of ice melt in, and are hoping to have it in before the potential snow this upcoming week.

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