Four Lexington private schools file brief in support of lawsuit against Beshear


Four religious private schools in Lexington support a lawsuit against Governor Beshear’s executive order halting in-person classroom instruction (WDKY)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Last week, Governor Andy Beshear ordered all public and private schools to move to virtual learning, beginning Monday.

Danville Christian Academy filed a lawsuit Friday and Attorney General Daniel Cameron joined it. They claim the mandate shouldn’t apply to them because of their religion.

(Read the complaint below)

Four private schools in Lexington are also apart of an amicus brief supporting the lawsuit against Governor Beshear’s order.

It includes Lexington Christian Academy, Lexington Latin School, Summit Christian Academy, and Trinity Christian Academy. The schools say they have the same interests as Danville Christian Academy.

The lawsuit claims the executive order violates the first amendment and the state’s Religious Freedom and Restoration Act.

Representatives with Danville Christian Academy say the school has implemented rigorous safety protocols and therefore students should not be required to learn from home.

Lexington Christian Academy parent Jeff Goehring agrees.

“We’ve taken a lot of steps and spent a lot of resources, time, and energy in making sure that we’re able to bring our students back in person, be safe, socially distance, mask up. We’ve been able to demonstrate that we’re doing that safely,” Goehring said.

The lawsuit is asking the court to issue a statewide temporary restraining order against Beshear’s executive order.

Monday afternoon, there will be a hearing in federal court regarding this case and we’ll keep you updated.

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