Franklin Co. woman hopes to keep brother’s killer in prison

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WDKY – LEXINGTON, Ky. – A man convicted of manslaughter in the death of his boyfriend will face a parole board soon.

Matthew Donaghy was found guilty of 2nd degree manslaughter in July. Lexington police say he stabbed Todd Schumacher dozens of times in January 2015, but he says he did it in self-defense.

Amy Schumacher, Todd’s sister says she was the one to find her brother dead in his home.

“Over 86 stab wounds on my brother,” she said.

Now, she says she is going to fight to keep Donaghy in prison for the rest of his sentence.

“It’s just really hard to comprehend how can this be true. This is happening we have to fight for him to stay in jail in such early stage,” she said.

He was sentenced ten years, but since manslaughter is considered a non-violent crime in the state he is up for parole.

“People have to understand whether you’re a juror or anything what this does to a family. To bring this up it’s such a short amount of time we’re not even two years in and it just rips you apart,” Schumacher said.

She says by testifying against Donaghy’s release she wants to set an example that it’s okay to stand speak up for yourself. She says she knows it won’t be easy to relive what happened to her brother.

“You just try to keep your head above water, keep going every day and keep trying to make the best decision you can every day moving forward,” she said.

Amy says she’s made the decision to keep pushing for the justice she says her brother never got.

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