Friends continue search for missing Richmond mother


Loved ones of missing mother Savannah Spurlock searched near a Garrard County lake on Sunday.

They wrapped up their latest effort to bring the Madison County woman home without any new answers or findings.

Spurlock, 22, was last leaving with two men at The Other Bar in Lexington early Jan. 4. Law enforcement officials in Garrard County later saw the vehicle she left in. but still no sign of Spurlock.

"The fear of the unknown... that is the worst part, and she just doesn't deserve that. I mean, no one does," said friend Megan King.

King and others are still working to figure out why Spurlock disappeared and where she is, but those questions remain a mystery .

"We have an idea of an area that we would like to go check and maybe split up in groups and look for her," said King before searching in Garrard County.

Friends searched in the area of Cedar Creek Lake in Lancaster following tips from anonymous sources.

"We really just want to bring her home regardless, no matter the outcome and we just pray that God is with us today and guides us to her," said King. "If she is somewhere out there we can only imagine what she is going through, how she feels. So if it was one of us out there, I would hope that everyone would do everything they could to find one of us."

Even though Sunday's search came up empty, friends still have hope that they will find Savannah. They are asking for anyone with information about her disappearance to come forward.

"We just have high hopes in coming together as a community and bringing her home," said King.

Police are continuing their investigation.

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