Friends remember victims of Frankfort apartment fire


Friends of two Frankfort fire victims are sharing their stories and tributes in an outpouring of love for the pair on social media.

Zeph Rushin and Quiana Danyel Miller-Walker, known as Q, died Thursday after their apartment caught fire. They were 21 and 20 years old.

Katelyn Gentry went to Bryan Station High School with Rushin.

“Zeph was always one of the hardest workers, “Gentry said. “She definitely brought a lot of life to practices. Even on the toughest days, she was strong and willing to do anything the coach wanted to and what she felt comfortable with. She was one of the best athletes out there.”

Jada Commodore grew up with both Rushin and Miller-Walker.

“I knew Q also from the same elementary school, we went to the same school….we spent a lot of time together,” Commodore said.

Friends said Zeph Rushin was a star athlete on the soccer field and a team leader.

“I popped my hip flexor out during a practice, so I stopped running and I sat down, and here comes Zephany, ‘Keep pushing yourself, why are you sitting?’…She picked me up and put me on her back and carried me up,” teammate Madelyn Edinger said.

Friends of Miller-Walker said she had a love for life. They said she was full of passion, calling her an artistic gem.

“We both were very sassy really early on, but also, just kids, loved being around people, loved to have fun, just be involved in things,” Commodore said.

The two were victims of an apartment fire in Frankfort. Witnesses said they heard fire alarms blaring around 8:30 a.m.

“We’d never really understand how short life is and how unexpected it is until something like this happens,” Commodore said.

The coroner pronounced Rushin dead on the scene. According to his report, Miller-Walker was taken to the hospital where she later died.

Their friends said the news came as a shock.

“It’s cliché, but it’s so real,” Edinger said. “You need to tell everyone you love them because you never know when the last time you could see or even talk to them is.”

They said they’ll never forget their friendship with Rushin and Miller-Walker. They said they are thinking of their families as they mourn the loss.

“We’re all here to support them because we all love Zeph and Q. Even those that didn’t have a close relationship with them have been impacted by them,” Commodore said.

Gentry says some folks at Bryan Station High School are planning a balloon release in Rushin’s honor.

Officials are still determining the cause of the fire. A representative with the ATF said there are no signs of anything criminal.

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