LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — After serving time behind bars, a Lexington man traded his handcuffs for clippers, and turned his life around one haircut at a time.

Gordon Carsby is a Lexington barber and owner of Nippy’s barbershop on Harrodsburg Road, but this wasn’t always his career path.

Carsby spent an eight-year sentence in jail, where at times life felt like a dead end.

“You are going to have two options you are going to die or you are going to go to prison, I mean outside of that it is not worth it,” said Carsby.

Through trials and tribulations, he found the right path as a barber, and it’s one that he’s truly proud of.

“I like to change someone’s feeling, I like cutting hair, it just, I guess, it’s starting into something and building into something else,” said Carsby.

The life he is living now is a cut above the one he used to. Carsby said there is continuous senseless fighting happening on the streets that he was once a part of.

“We are fighting over blocks that do not belong to us, we fighting over colors that do not belong to us, we fighting over money that do not belong to us and so it is senseless, fight for your people your image in this world,” said Carsby.

Carsby is living proof that you can turn your life around. He has a simple message for those who want to do the same.

“Put these guns down, put the guns down man, it is nothing that serious or confrontational to take somebodies life,” said Carsby.