GEORGETOWN, Ky. (FOX 56) – Dozens of Georgetown athletes are weighing their options after receiving heartbreaking news over the weekend. On Friday, Georgetown College made the announcement that the golf, archery, and junior varsity soccer programs will be discontinued. Two of the players on the school’s golf team shared their reactions with FOX 56.

“I know people that have signed to come play in the fall and they’d have probably chosen to go somewhere else had they known this was coming,” Brenna Rose, a member of Georgetown’s college golf team said.

Both Rose, and Connor Smith, a member of the men’s team, described the moments they learned their teams were being cut as blindsiding.

“At that point, I felt a little defeated for all the hard work I kind of put in to get to the point I’m at right now and it just felt like it all just got taken away at one time,” Smith said.

“It was a lot to take in all at once because I would have never known that a few weeks ago when I played in our conference tournament that that would be the last time that I played in a tournament for Georgetown,” Rose said.

On Friday, the college posted it would discontinue several athletic teams as a way to control costs to the backlash of many. Rose and Smith said they were informed in a Zoom call earlier that morning.

“We all just got out of school a month ago they knew they were in this financial trouble then and they chose not to make sure we were told in person before we left for the summer,” Rose said.

Athletic scholarships will still be honored, and players are fully released if they want to transfer, but it could be too late

“At this point in June it’s honestly going to be very hard to try and find a spot on a team somewhere else just because we play in the fall and most teams already have their rosters full for next season,” Rose said.

“I had three other places I could have gone but I decided to go here because it was my hometown and I had no, I mean no idea that this was a chance of our team getting cut,” Smith said.

Smith and Rose say conversations about fundraising for the team were shot down by the athletic department.

A petition has also been launched to save the team.

FOX 56 contacted Georgetown Athletics for comment and did not receive a response.