GEORGETOWN, Ky. (FOX 56) – Georgetown city leaders are trying to address the area’s affordable housing problem. Recently, the city council voted to move forward with discussions on possible solutions.

According to the council, the current price for a newly constructed home in Georgetown is $240,000.  With the price of everything going up, residents have expressed their concerns and told the council that affordable housing should be their main priority.

Every 5 years, the city creates a 5-year comprehensive plan that outlines future projects and goals for the city over that time frame.

In the creation of this most recent plan, the city council surveyed residents to find out exactly what they would like to see in their town and affordable housing was number one.

Scott County has been identified as one of the fastest-growing counties in the state, so the council thought now was a good time to start discussions on how to make that resident wish list a reality.

At the last council meeting, members approved an inter-local agreement that will cover the cost for a Director of Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention.

Councilman David Lusby explained the goal of the position. Lusby said, “The person would be a grant writer for the most part in helping us go out and find resources, whether they’re grants or maybe there are people that specialize in coming in and developing and providing some affordable housing.”

For this position to be created, the county council has to also approve the proposal. The council will hold a vote Friday, July 8.

If the proposal passes and a director is hired, the city council hopes some of those proposals will become tangible before the next 5-year plan.