Georgetown man recovering after bonfire accident


Taylor Jenkins suffered second and third-degree burns at a bonfire in Harrison County on Friday. (Photo: Leandra Jenkins)

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WDKY) – A Georgetown man remains in the hospital after he suffered second and third-degree burns in a bonfire accident.

Taylor Jenkins, 21, is being treated at a hospital in Cincinnati following after he suffered the injury in Harrison County Friday night. It happened on a night where a group of friends from Grace Christian Church were at a farm. They had been on mission trips earlier in the summer.

The group was building a bonfire, but they believe embers from a previous fire ignited gasoline, and the flames burnt Jenkins on his legs, arms and hands.

“At first it was just one layer of skin that was peeled back,” Jenkins’ friend Caleb Miller said. “We didn’t know how intense it would have been.”

Once Jenkins arrived at the hospital, doctors found how severe the burns were.

Jenkins, who is enrolled at Boyce College in Louisville, plans to be a pastor. Family and friends say his faith has helped him as he continues his road to recovery.

His girlfriend Ashlynn Treviño said Jenkins likely won’t be able to leave the hospital until August, but she doesn’t anticipate that the burns will impact his plans to return to the seminary.

Jenkins’ mother said he has surgery scheduled for Thursday.

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