Gov. Bevin says children are desensitized to gun violence



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Gun control is back at the forefront following the recent shooting at Marshall County High School.

In the wake of the shooting that left two students dead, Gov.  Matt Bevin posted a passionate video on Youtube explaining that gun control can not fix the morality issue.

“I hear people talk immediately about gun control and somehow we need to take guns away from people that somehow another gun restriction is going to be the answer,” Bevin said in the nearly ten-minute long video. “Let’s be honest; there are rules against a 15-year-old possessing a handgun. Evil doesn’t care about the laws.”

The Governor blamed what students see on television, video games and what music they listen to on the desensitizing of life.

“We are desensitizing young people to the actual tragic reality and permanency of death. “It’s robbing us of the very fabric of our nation and it is killing our young people.”

Anita Franklin, whose son was killed as an innocent bystander due to gun violence, agrees with Bevin. She, like Bevin, says young people don’t grasp the value of life and the reality of death but she says gun control is a direction national leadership should be walking in.

“Changes need to happen, common sense laws need to be viewed,” said Franklin.

While varying opinions on what the solution is will continue, Franklin is hopeful that the tragic events in Marshall County will not just prompt debates but actions.

“If that is not a motivation for us as a community to know that we have to do something and do more, people keep saying what can we do? Start having conversations,” says Franklin.

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