Grand jury declines to indict former Bath Co. attorney on drug charges

Donald Maze

OWINGSVILLE, Ky. (WDKY) - A grand jury declined to indict a former Bath County Attorney on drug possession charges. Owingsville Police stopped Donald Maze on Interstate 64 in September 2017. Police said he was driving recklessly and they found drugs in his car.

According to Maze's attorney, the items found in the car did not test positive for narcotics. Maze also took five separate drugs tests that did not find drugs in his system.

"I have maintained my innocence since this unwarranted traffic stop occurred and the results from Kentucky State Police crime lab and the Bath County Grand Jury's decision not to pursue charges against me prove my innocence," Maze said in a statement sent to Fox 56.

In 2007, Maze pleaded guilty to paying for three people to vote for him in the 2006 primary election. He received a 21-month sentence in federal prison.

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