LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — With winter weather in full swing. Supply chain issues are making it challenging for hardware stores to keep stock on shelves.

“There is a lot of products that are really short this year, like ice melt, what we have now is probably about all that we all we are going to get for the year,” said owner John Justice.

The supply chain is in trouble and people know it. Store shelves are running low, prices are up and deliveries are delayed.

Owners of Chevy Chase hardware in Lexington said they are working to recover.

“The warehouses are out, so we are trying to find other warehouses that we can get supply from, like the sleds we are expecting tomorrow came from another warehouse,” said owner Lisa Justice.

John drove 24 hours across state lines for snow supplies just to make sure their shelves were full, just in time for another Kentucky snow storm.

“It was ten hours there and ten hours back, and he had to load the truck by himself and it was a lot further than I thought it was going to be,” said John.

But he said the drive was worth the joy.

“It is a great benefit when you go buy and see sleigh riding and we provided the sleds to them…It makes you excited,” said John.

Moving forward into the year, supplies will be few and far between.

“We right now have about 200 snow shovels and we have ice melt, and after that you know I think it will be tough to get supply, going forward,” said John.