CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) – The 2022 Kentucky primary election day turned out to be a historic one for a Winchester Junior High School when a cafeteria staff member reached back in time through a “hole in the wall.”

Cafeteria manager of Robert D. Campbell Junior High School, Jeanie Davis, was clearing out a storage closet Tuesday.

She removed some shelves and noticed a door she had never seen before, and when she opened it up, she discovered a cell underneath a stairwell.

Davis and her coworkers were amazed at what they found.

“And when I moved a shelf, I saw it like this, and so I wondered if it opened, and I just reached like this and I took my phone and was looking and I saw a gas mask,” Davis said.

The gas mask was only the beginning of what Davis and her coworkers began to extract from the time capsule.

Pictured: Missy Adams, Shannon Christopher, Teresa Haggard, Cindy Reed, Jeanie Davis, Pamela Shackelford, & Kimberly Hix, of Robert D. Campbell Junior High School’s Cafeteria Staff. ( Danielle Miskell | FOX 56 News )

“There was a flag with 48 stars; there were bibles, readers, little arithmetic books,” Davis said.

According to Assistant Principal, Jason Kincaid, the junior high school building was originally a high school in 1964. Nine years ago, it turned into the junior high school it is today.

“Through finding all this memorabilia and stuff, Sandi Stoltz from the Blue Grass Heritage Museum informed us that she knew exactly what we were talking about,” Kincaid said.

It was memorabilia from the original high school’s history club, which was started by Robert Campbell, whom the school was named after.

“For years the history club had wanted to start their own like museum here of military history, and somehow it had gotten lost,” Kincaid said.

Kincaid said many of the recovered artifacts were donated with the intent of going to the school’s in-house museum. For now, the artifacts have been taken to the Bluegrass Heritage Museum, where the staff is carefully preserving each piece of artifact.

Pictured: Sandi Stoltz, Julie Morgan, and Brenda Royse with the Blue Grass Heritage Museum. (Danielle Miskell | FOX 56 News)

Colonel Jerry Cecil, a decorated veteran and military expert, explained the following pieces that were discovered.

“WWI is the first time the army uses shoulder patches to identify people’s units, and of course, this is a six-sided star, and this is the sixth division. And of course in the collection too, was this WWI hat, Cecil said. “This is what was called a ‘campaign hat’, and this was originally yellow or gold, which meant ‘calvary.'”

The recovered artifacts also included newspaper ads, gas masks and filters, the 48-star flag Davis found, and many other artifacts from the WWI and WWII eras.


“That’s kind of where I see this thing starting out because it’s trying to memorialize the people that served that were humans,” Cecil said.

Superintendent Molly McComas said she wants to honor Robert D. Campbell’s original vision with having the artifacts on display at the school someday.

McComas said the next steps include forming a committee and having it decide how to go about rotating certain artifacts between the Blue Grass Heritage Museum and Robert D. Campbell Junior High School locations.