High school choir finds way to perform even though members are apart


WATCH VIDEO: Frederick Douglass High School choir students find a way to perform meeting all safety guidelines.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Many students, parents and teachers have been struggling with virtual learning, but a choir class is finding a way to wrap up the semester on a high note.

Frederick Douglass High School choir students put on a special performance that met all of the COVID-19 guidelines.

It’s been months since choir director Jordan Lindsey has directed students in seats. Lately, he’s had the entire practice room to himself.

Senior Jaymon Ross said before the school shutdown, music bounced off the walls.Advertisement

“In our choir room, it kind of vibrates, when we hear it…it’s kind of like an out of body experience,” Ross said.

Mr. Lindsey gave students like Ross an out-of-classroom assignment: a virtual concert of sorts.

“I created some practice tracks with real singers friends of mine that sang the part, so they had something to listen along and sing to,” Lindsey said.

Ross and his peers recorded themselves on their web cams.

“I have to learn it on my own, I have to record the song, I did it maybe six or seven times,″ Ross said.

It’s more intimidating than it sounds, but it developed into a group project of sorts.

“You could even see the kids convincing their peers,” Lindsey said.

Students belted out their part of a song entitled “Sing,” written by a composer under the pseudonym, PINKZEBRA.

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