HARRODSBURG, Ky. (FOX 56) — For more than a century, a popular historic site in Mercer County has been owned by the same family with the goal of preserving the history inside. The newest owners want to make sure that tradition continues.

The Beaumont Inn is a popular spot in Harrodsburg with rich history dating back to 1845, when it used to be a school. Over the years, it was bought by members of the Dedman family. The building, now a bed and breakfast, was owned by Chuck and Helen Dedman. When they retired, they sold the inn, and it was bought by other members of the Dedman family. All these years later, the Beaumont Inn remains in the Dedman family line.  

One of the new owners Milward Dedman says it’s important to the Dedman family to preserve the history of the building through artifacts like portraits, old books, and musical scores which fill the Inn to this day.

“My great grandmother actually went to school here. She and her parents bought it when the school ended, and that’s where our family came in. They turned it into the inn. It’s been that way where it was my great grandmother and her parents, then my grandfather and his brother ran it,” Milward said.

Ward Dedman emphasized that this Inn is a staple in the Harrodsburg community. He said the rich history makes it a popular spot, even for those from out of town.

“Harrodsburg is a small town, so it’s nice to have something like this that people are proud of. If you’re from out of town, some might even know of Beaumont Inn. It’s a conversation starter. Everyone is definitely very proud of Beaumont Inn around here,” Ward said.