LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — When the weather gets as cold as it has been, we can’t forget about those looking for warm shelter and food.

A Lexington organization is asking for your help in making sure everyone in need is getting their vital meals.

With the Hope Center operating multiple cafeterias, the need for a stocked pantry is there year-round. The main cafeteria serves around 500 meals a day on average.

Despite donations declining overall, director of development Katie Vogel said the center can continue serving meals, thanks to ongoing partnerships.

The kitchen in the women’s recovery center experienced damage resulting from a pipe burst during the recent cold weather. Because of this, they are now having to outsource food production there. With that comes the immediate need for meals that are delivered to clients.

Even with setbacks like this, Vogel said she’s confident donations will come through, and meals will continue to be served to those in need.

The Central Bank Center and Kentucky Chamber canceled a big dinner event and sent the food to the Hope Center.

“Right now, we are pretty limited in what people can do on our campus, but it’s not because our community isn’t willing. We’re really grateful for their willingness to support us through a myriad of donations,” Vogel said.