LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Preparing for severe weather emergencies can be stressful for anyone. That’s especially true for those with a disability.

“Even if you have low vision, legally blind or even totally blind you can still have a very fulfilling life,” said Executive Director of the Bluegrass Council of the Blind Theresa Thomas.

However, severe weather and other emergencies can pose special problems for people who are visually impaired or physically disabled.

If someone is totally blind a person using candles for light that could potentially dangerous if a person cannot see where they are,” said Thomas.

Thomas is one of eight staff members diagnosed with blindness.

I began losing vision at age 12 and my vision went from  2020 to 2200 in the course of 8 months,” said Thomas.

Now she relies on technology to read and speak to her as a guide to and from where she’s going.

“If I had to go to a shelter and there are signs and things but I can’t see them I can hold them up and it is going to read them,” said Thomas.

Thomas said there are many tips and techniques to rely on as a guide and having an emergency kit designed to be easily identifiable for those who have low vision,

The larger cans are the fruits and the narrower or smaller cans are the soups, you may want to put a rubber band on the chicken noodle soups,” said Thomas.

Having a cane in your kit can also big help.

“Others do not realize I have a vision impairment so I use something like this and an identification cane, it is very small and would fit in a back pack for an emergency situation.”

So if I am walking around and I might accidently bump into something or I am headed towards something that is unsafe, someone would see that I have the cane,” said Thomas.

Below are more tips on how to keep loved ones safe:

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