LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The Jessamine County animal shelter is in a “ruff” situation, and they are asking you to lend a paw.

The center is once again at critical capacity, overflowing with pets of different breeds, ages, sexes, and needs.

The shelter is desperate for adopters or furry foster parents. They’re encouraging families to visit the center and interact with different animals until an everlasting bond is formed.

But if adoptions aren’t made soon, the shelter is going to be forced to reach out to other shelters or rescue groups.

After that, if the capacity continues to grow, the animal care and control center will have to make some tough decisions

“We never want to go to the euthanasia state. But sometimes that does have to happen, just so we can move our population around,” said Timothy Brown, director of Jessamine County Animal Care and Control.

Adoptions at Jessamine County Animal Care and Control

The shelter offers a variety of pets at different stages of life for a fee. The fee includes the cost of many services including spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinate, deworm, and a one-year license (for dogs).

  • $120 Dog Adoptions
  • $150 Puppy (under 6 months) Adoptions
  • $200-400 Specialty Breed Dogs
  • $80 Cat Adoptions
  • $100-300 Specialty Breed Cats

The shelter also keeps an Amazon wishlist where they take donations of food, treats, toys, and more.