Jim Caldwell’s Forecast | Winter Storm Threat for Friday

Freezing rain, sleet and snow are forecast for Friday.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) - I know it's hard to think about a Winter Storm with these warm temperatures. The end of this run for the warmth is drawing near and it ends in a, potentially, big way.

We did it yesterday and we will probably do it again (or get very close today) and that is reach a record high. One of the factors working against us is the rain entering the area today. It might keep those numbers down some. This talk is going to be geared more toward the snow and less about the warmth. The snow and cold is our future!

Since early this week, we have been talking the threat of a winter storm. Now, we are a day away from a system that brings freezing rain, sleet and snow to our area on Friday.

Let's discuss this in layers.

Friday morning

It will begin just like any other morning this week. The only really difference will be the temperatures. You will likely encounter mid 50s or even higher at times. Rain will be moving into the area. Those temps will be close to what we expect for highs, however, most of us will encounter more of the late day chill than the warmth.

Friday Afternoon

Temperatures are crashing from west to east. We are making a transition from rain to freezing rain and sleet. One of the questions I still have is how quickly the coldest air can build in and keep everything snow. Cold air is coming! Just how quickly? Right now there is a strong indication that we could see a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch.

Friday Evening

The snow begins flying! At this point we have made a good changeover to snow. Between the ice accumulation and the snow coming down, we could be in store for a rough evening commute! It's tough when it rains so by adding this wintry element... let's just say it has potential to be nasty! The snow will continue all evening and into the next morning. Final totals for the round will be 2"-6". I know that range is pretty wide, but I'm afraid the round of freezing rain and ice will cut into the totals. We'll tighten those numbers up soon.

Saturday Morning

Snow showers will taper off early in the day. Some could stick around for a little while longer. The heaviest stuff is over at that point. Now, it's time for the cold! We have already had cold without snow. This time we have both getting together over the weekend. It will be a mess!

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