LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – When Vicki Blevins Booth sees a need she acts on it.

In 2008 Vicki recognized the barriers many people face when they hear the words ‘You have cancer”, she used it as an opportunity for education and early detection.

“There were so many needs across our state and this was much needed and became my passion,” said Booth, former executive director of Kentucky CancerLink.

Vicki founded Lexington-based Kentucky Pink Connection, which initially only helped breast cancer patients, she assembled a small staff with big goals.

The organization eventually turned into Kentucky CancerLink, which now helps patients with varying types of cancer all over Kentucky.

“When I called Vicki was the person who answered the phone and from getting to know her and getting to know the mission it became just an important part of my life to get involved,” said Melissa Karrer, executive director of Kentucky CancerLink.

Melissa is a cancer survivor herself, so she knows exactly what it’s like to go through the journey.

Thursday night Vicki retired from the organization she founded but leaves it doing what she always hoped it would, navigating patients through a daunting cancer journey and hopefully helping many others avoid that diagnosis altogether through successful community-based screening programs.

“I am feeling very blessed that I have someone that will take that baton and run with it and do great things across our state and especially for cancer patients in our state,” said Booth.

Kentucky Cancer Link has served 16,000 patients over the past 15 years. They offer several free cancer screening programs.

If you’re interested go to Kentucky CancerLink