LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – With all the preparation for Fourth of July festivities, there’s another element to prepare for, firework safety.

Major Jessica Bowman with the Lexington Fire Department said, ‘If it goes and blows up, it’s illegal in Fayette County.”

However, fireworks safety tips is not limited to just the illegal fireworks, but the fireworks people grew up with as well.

Bowman said the first thing in firework safety is to always have water handy.

“You can have a bucket of water so you can place that firework in the bucket of water,” Bowman said. “Even sparklers can reach a temperature of up to two thousand degrees, so it’s even important that children are closely monitored.”

Kathy Parrott, a supervisor for the Faith Fireworks tent off Brannon Rd. in Nicholasville said that even with the most kid-friendly fireworks, it is still a good idea to watch how they’re being handled.


“If you have a child, make sure they never point fireworks at anyone,” Parrott said.

Parrott also advised to always make sure the fireworks are lit on flat ground.

“There are some fireworks that are quite large, and need to be screwed into a pallet or a piece of wood to make sure they don’t fall over,” Parrott said.

If a firework doesn’t light up, Both Bowman and Parrott said to just throw it away, and don’t try re-lighting it.

For the second year in a row, Parrott said they’re selling a new type of firework that has an extra layer of protection from being accidentally burned; a firework that can be lit from an app on a phone.

Major Bowman also asked everyone to be courteous of neighbors.

“Veterans might have PTSD, or families with young children, or families with pets, dogs in particular, you tend to see a spike in missing dogs, during the 4th of July season, because loud noises scare them, and they get loose from the yard,” Bowman said.

Finally, Bowman said to stick to the rules.

“No fire crackers, no bottle rockets or anything like projectiles,” Bowman said. “Ultimately, it’s our recommendation to leave it to the professionals, leave it to the city they’re putting on a firework show at 10 p.m.”

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