Kentucky racehorses battling cold temperatures

With colder temperatures, trainers are doing everything they can to keep retired Kentucky Derby winners warm and healthy at Old Friends Farm.

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Past Kentucky Derby winners are spending their days of retirement on Old Friends Thoroughbred Farm like any horse normally would. With colder temperatures now in the Bluegrass, trainers are doing everything they can to keep these one-time champions warm and healthy.

War Emblem, 2002 derby winner and fellow champion Derby Silver are two of the horses that the facility holds. The horses care is in the hands of Michael Blowen. Blowen says with the cold weather the horse's adaptations come into full affect.

"This morning when we woke up and it was minus three degrees I started worrying about the horses," Blowen tells Fox 56. "But they give very little to worry about. They got hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and they know how to protect themselves pretty well."

Blowen says while the horses adapt to the colder temperatures, his priority is making sure they have the essentials in food and shelter to keep them comfortable.

"They get extra hay in this weather too because metabolizing the hay and eating the hay keeps their system going and once you keep their system going they can stay a little bit warmer and a lot healthier."

He says another priority is ensuring the horse's water doesn't freeze.

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