Kentucky road crews bracing for long couple of days ahead



SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – The threat of winter weather has road crews bracing for a couple of long days ahead.

J.R. Brandenburg, the director of roads in Scott County, told us they aren’t sure how much of the salt they’re gonna be using over the next few days. A lot of that will depend on what ends up falling on the roads.

With the potential for snow or ice or sleet, Brandenburg tells us they should know more by Tuesday evening and if they’ll be putting salt down to pre-treat the roads. It doesn’t do much good to put it down if there’s any rain coming, because it just washes it off the road.

Right now, they’re making sure all of their equipment is ready to go in case they do get a layer of ice.

They’ve got more than 300 miles they are responsible for, and Brandenburg told us no matter what happens, snow or ice, he expects all 16 of their trucks will be busy the next few days.

“You prepare for the worst and hope for the best. So, that’s one thing we are going over making sure all of our tires have chains, which you don’t use those a whole lot,” Brandenburg said. “Just going to make sure everything is all, lighting, trucks working good, safety equipment on the trucks. We’ll just spend most of the day checking on all that and be ready to hit it when it happens.”

Brandenburg said there are two main things drivers could do to help out the people responsible for keeping the roads clear. The first is to give them plenty of room, especially some of the county roads that are pretty narrow. Second, stay home unless you absolutely have to be out.

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