LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – On Easter Sunday around noon, six Kentuckians flew out to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees displaced from the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Nearly two months since the war broke out, an estimated two million Ukrainians have now fled to Poland.

Many people, including those in Kentucky, felt called to help the refugees and found an avenue through Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Three men and three women volunteered to head to Gdanks, Poland where for the next eight days, they will be working with the First Baptist Church location there.

Returning volunteers from a previous mission trip report that Gdanks is safe and in no immediate danger from Russia.

The six volunteers received disaster relief training and will be mainly working with women and children.

“As the women will go fill out government papers and will care for the children in the church while they go take care of their business things that they need. We’ll be feeding them meals and clean up, preparation, and everything that goes with the shelter making sure things are secure safe, and clean sanitary. And then there’s also an apartment remodel that we’re working on to try to make more housing for more refugees as well.” said Kentucky Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief Director, Ron Crow.

Kentucky Baptist Convention partnered with its sister locations in Ohio, Louisiana, and Mississippi. They’re going to rotate sending teams of six every week for the next six months. Kentucky landed on week four, which just happened to fall on Easter Sunday.

“They were excited about going because each one of them, there’s six of them involved, there’s three men and three women, that were excited to go, because they knew God had called them to this mission,” Crow said. “And so even though it’s Easter Sunday, and everybody wants to be in their home church on Easter Sunday, they knew God had called them to this task, this mission work, and so they were excited and ready to go.”

The volunteers paid for half of their trip, and the other half was funded by Kentucky Baptist Convention. They’re accepting donations to help fund this missions trip and others. To give, go to their Disaster Relief Page here: Disaster Relief – Kentucky Baptist Convention.