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BARBOURVILLE, Ky.  – A fist fight between a deputy, a constable and a kidnapping suspect led to a deadly shooting in Knox County.

Kentucky State Police said the sheriff’s office was called about an intoxicated man who was thought to have abducted a child in the Moore Creek area Wednesday night.

About an hour later, a deputy and a constable found the man a couple miles away. He was walking with the child on Highway 223.

The law enforcement officials called for backup and approached the man, according to state police. Investigators said the kidnapping suspect started attacking the deputy and the constable, so the deputy shot the man, killing him.

The man who was shot to death has been identified by Kentucky State Police as 30-year-old Jessie Mills of Flat Lick.

Investigators said the deputy and the constable were scraped and bruised during the fight, but they are okay. They have been placed on administrative leave.

The child was not hurt and is back home with family members.

“She’s real scared and she’s okay,” Amanda Cox, aunt of the child, said.

But she’s left without a dad.

“The little girl actually calls me ‘daddy’. She’s rotten. She’s a good little baby.”

A 911 call to police after family of the little girl says Jessie Mills went into their home, waking everyone, and grabbed his daughter.

“It’s awful,” Cox said. “He’s got a little eight-year-old boy and he don’t understand it. I wasn’t here when he came up here but they say he was pretty bad. I’m not sure what made him that crazy.”

They say Mills took off in a SUV, but ran out of gas before walking along a highway. It was on Highway 223 police say there was a scuffle with Jessie Mills.

“My dad was down there. Somebody said they tased him two or three times. He kept coming toward the cop and the cop shot him once in the chest and once in the stomach.”

Cox says police told her they warned Mills before the deadly shooting. “You come toward me one more time I’m going to shoot you.”

Family very much overwhelmed with emotion Thursday. They’re confused, but say this isn’t the only time Mills has acted out.

“He’s acted like this once before, but it wasn’t this bad. I’m not sure what he’s doing. He worries me,” Cox said.

Family hoping the little girl doesn’t remember the frightening moments.

According to the Knox County Jail, Mills had been arrested multiple times over the last four years.

State police are investigating the shooting. The names of the officers involved haven’t been released.