LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – After negotiations between Lexington officials and Kentucky Utilities an agreement on tree removals in the city, Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021.

KU has suspended tree removal until mid-January, if not until later, according to the mayor’s office.

After community protests, and an arrest earlier this week Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton had announced KU’s plan to alter tree cutting to focus only on the taller trees threatening the power grid.

One woman chose to stay in her final attempt to save a flowering crab apple tree. She was arrested and crews proceeded to cut down the tree. (Chelsea Jones)

Gorton said the agreement is a victory for the city and the communities concerned about their property values.

“I appreciate KU for listening yesterday, for extending the moratorium on cutting, and for agreeing to continue negotiations on an appropriate process that preserves our electrical grid and protects our trees going forward. I remain convinced that we can do both, and hope that this gives us an opportunity to find a new path,” said Mayor Gorton in a statement.

The motion for temporary injunction filed by the city will also be on hold, giving time for negotiations to work without legal intervention.

“The motion to stop the tree-cutting will not be withdrawn. We can proceed with court action if necessary, and so can KU,” Gorton said.

KU has agreed to perform the replanting of trees on the Lansdowne median and other replanting and beautification agreements.

Vegetative management on Richmond Road and with private residents in the area will continue based on other agreements.