Ky. Attorney General Daniel Cameron willing to take school mandate to U.S. Supreme Court


Danville Christian Academy(WDKY)

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDKY) – An appellate court sided with the governor in saying private, religious schools should not have in-person learning. That was the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th circuit.

It was a defeat for at least nine schools wanting to keep their in-person classes going after the governor said all schools needed to go back to virtual or distance learning.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron says it’s important to do everything possible to stand up for parents who want their kids in the classroom.

“We’ve had over 1,500 parents, support us in those effort. Almost 20 schools support as well,” Cameron said.

He says it’s about supporting the Constitution and despite an appellate court ruling that the governor’s mandates for private schools can stand, the legal fight will go on to another level.

“Perhaps have an in bank court review this matter. We will do that here shortly,” Cameron said.

He says it’s possible it could reach the U.S. Supreme Court and the case could end when kids would return to school when the mandates expire.

“It’s larger than if kids can go back to school today. It’s about the precedent. Whoever is governor. It has nothing to do with Governor Beshear but more to do with can a governor in his executive or emergency power infringe upon the constitutional rights of our citizens,” Cameron said.

Cameron says he will be filing the appropriate paperwork to advance the case very soon. He says if it does go to the Supreme Court, he’s confident the court would rule in their favor, saying the high court ruled in favor of people attending worship services in New York during the pandemic.

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