Ky. Chinese American Assn. teams up with companies to bring in PPE



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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – The need for PPE is still high, and the Kentucky Chinese American Association is trying to meet that need by partnering with local businesses.

In the past several weeks, the association has already donated more than $1,000 worth of N95 masks to UK Healthcare. Now, the group is donating even more to other healthcare facilities.

“It’s not easy but fortunately we have a good network of contacts around the country, in the United States, and also in China,” says Changzheng Wang, with the Kentucky Chinese American Association. “So, we have really been drawing on some of those resources to try and get this together.”

Wang says not only has it been difficult finding the PPE, but it’s been a challenge raising enough money to purchase it. The association raised about $12,000 through a fundraiser then relied on local businesses for additional support.

“I’ve been knowing Dr. Wang for a while, says Rob Orlowski. He’s the Director of Marketing for LBX Company, LLC. “For me it got kicked off on Good Friday when he called and said, ‘Rob, I have an opportunity for a lot of N95 masks and we have no money,’ so LBX was able to step in with $5,000.”

Aetna Better Health of Kentucky in Louisville also jumped in and contributed more than $12,000. The end result: $20,000 worth of PPE that’s going to frontline workers. That’s roughly 3,000 N95 face masks, 500 surgical masks, 200 face shields, and 30 protective gowns.

The $20,000 worth of PPE will be distributed among the Kentucky Department of Public Health, Baptist Healthcare, the Lexington Clinic, Modern Dentistry, and the Red Cross in Lexington.

The Kentucky Chinese American Association is working with other businesses to jump on board so they can donate even more supplies.

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