Ky. man urges people to take virus seriously after ‘long, lonely and scary ride’ with COVID-19


STANFORD, Ky. (WDKY) – A Lincoln County man, known for helping others, has been in need of a lot of help himself recently after contracting COVID-19.

Greg Snow has been in the hospital since late-November, but he believes he’s turned a big corner. He says people need to take the virus seriously.

Snow is among the dozens of people on the 5th floor of Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center’s special COVID unit. He says his battle with the virus has been a long, lonely and scary ride he doesn’t want anyone else to go through.

Snow is known by many around Stanford for his Good Samaritan works, collecting coats for the needy or helping people dig out during snow storms.

But Snow has been in what he calls the scariest time of his life, battling a severe case of COVID-19. He says at least three people have died in rooms around him and felt he would join them several times.

“I wore my mask 90% of the time, I didn’t go out much. Now, I wish I would have wore it the other 10% of the time because, for three days, I didn’t think I was coming out of here,” Snow said.

Snow was recently on a ventilator but now says he’s on oxygen assist treatment. He says he just wishes people would take the disease seriously and quit joking about it if you test positive and don’t have symptoms.

Snow says the hardest thing about having a disease as bad as COVID-19 is friends or family not being able to visit you in the hospital.

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