LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – School districts across our region are taking extra precautions after threats went around on TikTok.

The general consensus is these are not credible threats and this is just a new trend on the social media app.

Officials from across America have talked about the social media threats that are being made on TikTok. School districts have made Facebook posts, sent out emails, and taken extra steps to make sure students are safe.

Thursday night, Fayette County officials sent out an email to parents saying that they are aware of the situation, and right now there’s no indication that these were made to anyone school directly. They also said they are monitoring social media closely and have been in contact with the police.

Franklin County Schools sent out a message to parents saying that there would be extra police at schools on Friday out of an abundance of caution. In their email to parents, they said the consensus is this trend was designed to disrupt finals and potentially get another day tacked on to Christmas Break.

Jon Akers, the executive director of the Kentucky Center for School Safety at Eastern Kentucky University, sent out an email Thursday to superintendents and school resource officers detailing the new trend going around on TikTok.

“According to multiple news sources, the revised challenge [for December] is to pose threats of shooting against schools on December 17. I wanted to reach out nonetheless to give you a heads up that this has been posted and suggest extra supervision in every school and monitoring of social media,” Akers wrote.

As of now, we have not heard of any credible threats against schools in our area.