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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – The Kentucky Supreme Court is hearing a case about a man convicted in a deadly stabbing attack in Versailles.

Ronald Exantus was found guilty but mentally ill for stabbing 6-year-old Logan Tipton’s father and sisters. However, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity for killing Logan.

It’s been five years since Logan was killed and two years since Exantus was sentenced.

Friday, attorneys argued the verdicts in the case before the state Supreme Court.

Attorney’s representing Exantus are calling the verdict logically consistent and also believe his constitutional rights were violated. They argue inconsistent verdicts in the case don’t make sense, because the events happened in such a short window.

“Because there was no question that he was psychotic both before, during, and after this crime,” said Karen Shuff Maurer, Attorney for Exantus.

The decision now lies in the hands of the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Attorneys for the Commonwealth say research has shown mental state can change quickly, and that’s why the verdicts were inconsistent.

“The only difference or main difference in those standards is one of the lack of substantial capacity to understand the criminality of the action, the other one is substantial impair,” said Thomas Allen Van De Rostyne, Attorney for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Right now, it’s still not clear when the Supreme Court will hand down its final decision.

Exantus is currently serving a 20-year sentence for the assaults.