Laurel Co. murder victim's daughter speaks from jail

Christie McFadden

LONDON, Ky. (WDKY) - A woman charged with complicity to murdering her mother says authorities are not telling the truth about Sherry Rose's death.

Laurel County authorities said Sherry Rose of London was reported missing after her coworkers said they last saw her working at Walmart June 12.

Just after midnight Tuesday, police arrested Rose's daughter, Christie McFadden, and son-in-law, Joseph McFadden.

According to their arrest citations, Christie and Joseph McFadden admitted during their arrest that they were fighting with Rose when she was stabbed to death June 15 at her home off Thoroughbred Trail.

Christie McFadden spoke to us from jail, and she disputes what authorities are saying about the case.

"She kind of honestly did it to herself because she was trying to cut [my husband]," McFadden said, "He was just trying to restrain her and sit her down."

McFadden provided additional details of her account of the violent confrontation.

"Somehow in the scuffle between them as he's trying to restrain her and calm her down and she has that knife, I guess as he's choking her out and she's trying to cut him with a knife she ends up kind of like, you know when you pass out? The knife ends up cutting her," McFadden says.

McFadden disputes the facts presented in her arrest citation, stating deputies in Laurel County do "shoddy police work." She also says she did not admit to being involved in her mother's murder, saying they fabricated details so they wouldn't have to do as much paperwork.

Deputies did not believe McFadden's claims from jail.

"If you didn't have anything to do with it, why would you put your mother in a suitcase and take her over to Clay County and put her over an embankment?" Deputy Gilbert Acciardo asked, "Why wouldn't you call authorities and say we've had a tragic accident, my mother has been stabbed and notify authorities? She didn't do that."

McFadden goes as far as to say she should be considered a victim in this case.

"I didn't touch her. I wasn't the one that did anything. I was the victim in it all to be honest," McFadden said, calling the entire situation an accident.

Investigators say it all points to a violent crime and a poor job by the suspects covering up the scene.

"We bang on the door trying to get the missing person to come to the door, and she doesn't, so we force entry and we find some bloody footprints around the door that looked like somebody had tried to clean them up but did not get all the blood up," Acciardo says.

Investigators say they also have surveillance video of the McFadden's purchasing the items used to clean the crime scene.

Two other individuals, Michael and Cody Hinkle, were arrested in connection to the disposal of Rose's body. They are charged with tampering with physical evidence and disposal of a body.

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