Lexington animal shelter says dog with missing nose adopted

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) - A Lexington animal shelter says a dog discovered without a nose is now in Ohio where she will be an empathy ambassador for children.

Woodstock Spay and Neuter Clinic says Mirabel will be working with an advocacy group Bullfrogs Against Bullying. The group picked her up Sunday and she is already in Ohio.

Mirabel was found in Pulaski County in January after someone reported she was walking in cold, rainy weather. Veterinatians determined she was missing her nose and upper lip because of a genetic defect, and the animal clinic gave her a bath and nail trim because she was infested with fleas, dirty, and her nails were curling under. They believe the eight-year-old was bred multiple times at a puppy mill before being dumped.

The clinic was able to fund multiple surgeries so she could get healthier before being adopted.

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