Lexington-based podcast focuses on the Asian American experience


Dan Wu

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – A Lexington business owner is starting a new podcast.

Activist and restaurateur Dan Wu’s latest project is called “Where Y’All Really From?” He co-hosts with Charlene Buckles, the development director for the ACLU of Kentucky.

The podcast puts a spotlight on Asian Americans and their experiences living in Kentucky.

“I knew I wanted to create this space to tell stories of AAPI Kentuckians that are often untold and often overlooked, especially in media,” Buckles said.A

Wu and Buckles said many Asian Americans in Lexington started conversations in the community during the peak of the Stop Asian Hate movement.

“We’re not just waiting for terrible things to happen and then we march on the streets, and we pass hate crime bills and protest with signs. This has to be an all year round, every day sort of effort,” Wu said.

Wu and Buckles are telling stories, starting with the question, where are you from?

“Where y’all really from, the key word in that sentence is ‘really’ because as Asian Americans and honestly anyone who doesn’t look ‘American’ we always get asked this question,” Wu said. “A lot of us will answer, ‘yeah we’re from Lexington’….and the second question from a lot of people is always, ‘where are you really from,’ and that really is like an interrogation of your face, name or accent. I can see that you don’t belong here is the implication behind that.”ADVERTISEMENT

They’re interviewing filmmakers, musicians and educators to dig deeper.

“There’s so many wonderful people in the Asian American community in Kentucky and I hope people will get to know some of these hard-workers,” said podcast guest and UK associate professor Dr. Donna Kwon.

They’re turning on the mics to share who they are and where they come from.

“I think there tends to be an invisibility and the voices are unheard,” Kwon said.

The first two episodes of the “Where Y’All Really From?” podcast drop on Tuesday. You can find it on Apple, Google, Spotify and NPR.

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