Lexington business owner speaks about need for unity, local support


Photo: WDKY/Shelby Lofton

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Many have pushed lately for increased support of black communities across the country, and that includes supporting and patronizing businesses owned by black people.

The owner of Bazaar Eatery says he watches the protests out of his window every night, and he believes they are sparking positive change.

Seneca Holden says it’s important for people to intentionally support black-owned businesses like his because it means supporting your neighbor, your town, and your county.

He says he didn’t know his two-month-old business was circulating around social media, but he’s grateful that it’s calling people to support him and other black business owners.

Holden says he thinks the protesters are asking for more than an end to police brutality and believes the demonstrations are bringing awareness to changes that need to be made locally, as well as internationally.

He says if people support black-owned businesses, they can change their local economy.

“Don’t send that one more dollar to somewhere else or somebody else that doesn’t shop with you, that doesn’t sit next to you on the bus, that doesn’t walk by you at the mall. Those are the people that you’re impacting,” Holden says.

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