Lexington business owner trying to help employee’s brother escape Taliban in Afghanistan


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – A former Afghanistan interpreter for the U.S. military fears his brother will be killed by the Taliban. He’s trying his best to jump through immigration hoops to get his brother by his side in Kentucky, but time is ticking because the Taliban has sent his family a notice of his imminent death.

“You chose this path and yourself and your death is imminent, God willing, I mean that’s just crazy,” said Jim Bryant, a Lexington mechanic.

A letter from the Taliban, addressed to the brother of a man in Lexington named Mohammad, indicated they will find and kill any Afghan citizen who has aided the United States.

“I’m really worried about my brother,” Mohammad said.

Mohammad used to be an interpreter for the U.S. military. The U.S. got him out of the war zone in 2014 and he settled in Lexington. Now, the Taliban knows his brother was an interpreter as well, and he’s wanted.

“Now he’s between dead and life,” Mohammad said.

Mohammad’s brother was an interpreter for a U.S. subcontractor not directly with the military, so it won’t be as easy to bring him to the states.

“I really need help from our government, you know, the U.S. Army,” Mohammad said.

“Mohammad, I mean he couldn’t even talk after he showed me all the letters,” Bryant said.

Mohammad’s boss, Bryant, heard about his situation and is trying to help by sending letters to Army officials and the state department.

“Now it’ll go up the chain a little higher and we got a chance to get his brother out,” Bryant said.

But Mohammad knows time is ticking and the Taliban will not stop until they find all the interpreters.

“They have sources everywhere and they know every village, every province,” Mohammad said.

“That’s why instantly I was online trying to help, because if I keep waiting, I feel bad if I don’t try,” Bryant said.

Bryant said if he can get Mohammad’s brother out of Afghanistan, he would hire him to work right next to his brother.

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