LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The countdown to New Year’s Day begins, and businesses around Lexington are preparing for holiday sales and holiday parties.

Last year, because the country was coming out of the second wave of COVID-19 there wasn’t much of a celebration. This year, there are several parties planned, but balancing fun and safety will be hard for business owners this holiday.

When the pandemic first started Mirror Twin Brewing was only offering to-go options. But as things slowly reopened, the business shifted to heavy social distancing, creating outdoor spaces, increasing cleaning measures, and switching to QR codes.

The business opened in 2016 and manager, Christopher Grissom, said each year there has been a large New Year’s Eve celebration, except for last year because of COVID-19.

Grissom said those same measures that have been in place since the beginning of the pandemic, will remain in place on New Year’s Eve, including limiting capacity through ticket sales.

Grissom said,“QR codes. We’re doing plenty of QR codes. We’re using plastic tomorrow so it’s a single-use, no quick washing, slices as well, our staff is amazing at keeping everything clean and that really is the top priority as much as celebrating New Year’s Eve. “

The brewery will have 3 spaces open for tomorrow night, including an outdoor area with tents.

As a special treat for guests, the brewery has also released a new beer just in time for the New Year.