Lexington car dealership donates $15,000 in supplies to help kids in need


COVID-19 has brought stress to many in our community, and that doesn’t exclude our children.

“All you hear is how many people don’t have jobs, but children are also out of school,” says Diana Keating marketing director at Quantrell Auto Group.

Not only out of the building, but according to Keating, in situations where the cost of school supplies could be too much to bear. Keating shares employees at Quantrell Auto Group wanted to help the Lexington community during a tough time. Now, they’re starting with our kids.

“Our children are going to be running this nation 25 years down the road, so we want to make sure that we’re giving back to them as much as we can,” Keating says.

The company is donating $15,000 dollars worth of books and supplies to the students at Millcreek Elementary.

Keating says supply-filled goody bags will be given to all 70 teachers at the school, in addition to 150 backpacks going to students in need. All so when doors open back up, they’ll be ready.

To Keating, it’s not about one large donation, but instead about starting a movement.

“We’re hoping that this is just a first step and other people will see what we’re doing and they will follow and help schools as well,” Keating says.

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