LFUCG: Spectrum has 30 days to fix customer service issues or face fines

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government is moving forward with a plan to fix issues with the city's cable provider.

LEXINGTON, Ky. - It's a resolution to a long-time battle. Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government is moving forward with a plan to fix issues with the city's cable provider.

"From council's perspective we wish we had more leverage," Vice Mayor Steve Kay said following Thursday's council meeting.

LFUCG is feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place with little power over what's been a big issue.

Kay said, "People are really dissatisfied and it's just not acceptable."

Urban county council has received thousands of complaints against cable provider Spectrum. Now, it's doing everything within it's power to come to a resolution. Thursday the council voted to give Spectrum 30 days to take care of business or face fines.

This step is a first. Kay said council has never had to take action against a cable franchise.

"We've never had this number of complaints from a broad spectrum of people," he said.

The city said when cable switched from Time Warner to Spectrum it got an overwhelming amount of complaints.

"Failure to respond to request for service, failures to allow people to talk to supervisors," Kay said. Unwarranted charges and the inability to return equipment through mail or shipment are also among the complaints.

Kay said, "We would like to see the complaints stop. We would like to feel that the customers of this franchise are feeling like their needs are being met."

The cable provider has just over four weeks to get on top of this. If it doesn't comply, the city promises to fine them up to 500 dollars a day for each violation.

"I think the fact that they do not have effective competition means that they may feel that they can be less responsive and put less resources into being responsive. I don't know if that's true."

Regardless, the vice mayor would like to see more competition for cable in the city.

"We wish we had more competition," he said. "We wish there were other ways we could address what's going on."

In a statement Wednesday, Spectrum said it continues to be in contact with city leaders and its customers to get issues resolved.

Spectrum has to provide the city written proof of resolved issues within the 30-day period, which was in effect as of Thursday, October 12.

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