Lexington doctor discusses resources to help parents decide whether to get their kids vaccinated for COVID-19


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for kids 12 years of age and older this week.

“That’s the important thing, is once this comes out to go to some trusted sources on reviewing the data to make sure those safety protocols are all there,” Lexington Emergency Physician Dr. Ryan Stanton said.

Dr. Stanton has been on the frontlines in fighting COVID-19, seeing firsthand the patients hospitalized and dying due to the virus.

Lately, those case numbers seem to be targeting younger populations.

“Especially school aged children, minors, with the cases of COVID, the severe cases of COVID, and admissions to the hospital,” Dr. Stanton said. “We’re seeing pediatric hospitals right now with significant numbers of pediatric COVID cases.”

That’s why Dr. Stanton will be doing his own analysis of the data released when the vaccine is approved for kids 12 and older, for his patients and for his own kids. And, he’s encouraging other parents to do the same.

“There’s a couple of good sources, their pediatrician is a good source, but also we have one that’s called ‘your local epidemiologist’ that’s available on Facebook,” Dr. Stanton said. “And, also we’ll have the data available as well on the Stanton M.D. page.”

And, as long as the numbers continue to show that the vaccine is safe and effective for kids, Dr. Stanton said he’ll be ready to make appointments for his own kids.

“We will absolutely jump toward getting the vaccine for our children,” Dr. Stanton said.

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