Lexington emergency management offers medical assistance to those without electricity


Now three days without power, senior citizens living in Christian Towers are managing the best they can.

"We're on an emergency generator, which gives us lights in our lobby, the hallway downstairs and the social room. Everything else is black," said John Bell who lives in the facility.

Nearly 100 seniors stay at Christian Towers, and with no power, they are moving through the dark and suffering from the heat.

Many seniors can't use their oxygen tanks, electronic wheelchairs, or specialized beds.

"Everybody is tired. They're wore out in here. They can't go anywhere. They can't do anything. They just burn up. What are we supposed to do?" said Larmont Lawson, one of the residents.

Lexington city officials are telling people who are without electricity, and who have non-emergency medical needs to call 859-258-3600.

"We're here to try and facilitate getting their power back on quicker or getting them on the list of KU for power needs," said Pat Dugger, the city's emergency management director.

Dugger explained that Kentucky Utilities has a registry that prioritizes restoring power for people with medical devices that require electricity.

However, Lawson said he's surprised it's taking this long to get things turned back on.

"The KU manager says, 'we're here on ya'll property, ya'll are next,' but ain't nothing happening."

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