LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – As gun violence rages in Lexington graphic crime scenes are visible right in some backyards.

“With the homicides, we have had this month it has been very difficult,“ said Lexington police Lt. Randall Combs

The crime scenes are noticeable for hours, leaving many residents still unable to access their homes and streets.

“When we get on scene, we want to capture everything possible that will ensure that justice will that we are able to identify and get to the bottom of what happened and get a conviction,” Combs said.


The yellow tape, evidence markers, shell casings, and victims laying in the street are not only hard for the community to watch.

“We want to maintain everyone’s dignity as much as possible so again that is something we have to balance in those cases, Combs said.

But even harder for the loved ones of the deceased to watch the scene unfold.

“However, we want the family to understand is not to be disrespectful to them at all but to get justice for the victims and the victim’s family,” said Combs.

With 11 homicides in the month of May alone, the small staff of 12 detectives, technicians, and sergeants at the Lexington Police Department have their hands full.

“You know at the scene we are not in a position to come over and be a shoulder to cry on because we have a job to do but know that we are human and it is hard for our detectives to see these scenes,” said Combs.

Combs said cooperation from the community to not interfere with the scene helps solve crimes.

“Anytime you move: the victim or any evidence, it could obviously taint the scene. It could change the way things were,” said Combs.

Because if the scene is tampered with, “It really causes issues for us in processing the scene especially when we get into the courtroom,” said Combs.