LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Friends and family gathered in Jacobson Park on Thursday to honor 20-year-old Brayden Lewis who was killed in a motorcycle accident on U.S. Highway 27 Monday evening.

Lewis was traveling northbound and struck a truck pulling a wood chipper that was traveling southbound making a left turn onto Industry Parkway.

Lewis’s girlfriend Tony Bell said it’s his charm she will miss the most.

“Brayden was very goofy, he was funny. He could probably make anybody laugh around him. He loved to make funny voices all the time,” said girlfriend Tony Bell.

Orange and blue balloons were released in the sky above Lexington to commemorate Brayden. Not only were they his favorite colors, but the orange represented freedom and blue represented peace.

“They just went together for him, and cars in those colors or anything just like it brightened him up and made him smile,” said friends of Brayden.

Those who knew Brayden best reminisced on his trademark nicknames and the type of individual he was.

“We called him ‘B’, and his name on everything was King Brayden. He thought he was the man, you could not tell him no different,” family members said.

His family who he had been living with for the past three years said it’s the bond they will miss the most.

“It is just weird waking up every day and seeing his bed empty and stuff like that,” said Brayden’s family.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with Brayden’s funeral expenses.