LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The Lexington Fire Department is taking advantage of the cold snap the Bluegrass is currently in.

When you think of a fire department, you might automatically think of fires, but for the Lexington Fire Department, the word “ice” is also an important part of the job.

Monday, the department practiced tactical training, focusing on ice rescues.

In the training, the team simulated a person getting trapped in the ice after walking on a pond and falling through. The crew practiced two different rescue methods.

The first method involved a firefighter getting in the water to pull the victim to land. This method is not ideal because even with the proper gear, the icy water can prove to be too much for a firefighter if in the water for too long.

The other method used a banana boat to help the firefighter scale the ice and rescue the victim.

The department explained why this training is so important, even though it’s a call that doesn’t come into dispatch often.

“Some of this is dependent on Mother Nature. If we don’t have a cold spell, we don’t have ice. We don’t do ice training, which is OK. There’s not ice for people to play on. So, when there is ice, we do the training because now there is ice for people get out on and fall through,” said Captain Dustin Whited.

In his 21 years of service, Whited can only recall two times where crews have had to go and rescue someone from icy water.