Lexington health leaders share COVID-19 concerns following Thanksgiving weekend



LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Now that Thanksgiving is over, Lexington’s hospitals are preparing for a possible surge in patients.

Over the weekend, they sent an open letter to the community, warning that their hospital beds were beginning to fill up with COVID-19 patients too sick to quarantine at home.

UK Healthcare currently has 89 patients, while Baptist Health has 58.

They said they are prepared to handle a surge, but those resources only go so far. The chief medical officer at Baptist Health told our Victor Puente one of the reasons they sent that letter was to let people know the hospitals would be working together.

Another reason was to continue the plea for people to wear masks, and wash their hands often. He also wanted to remind people that getting tested doesn’t necessarily mean you’re okay to be around other people.

“I’ve had people who get exposed and want to rush out that day or the next day and get tested. A test that’s obtained that quickly will not provide any definitive answer. Any test obtained only speaks for that day,” Dr. James Borders said.

One other point Dr. Borders wanted to make was he felt like being in a hospital was one of the safest places people could be when it came to COVID exposure, because of all of the precautions they’re taking. He said they feel like the majority of their staff wind up testing positive are exposed to that virus in the community.

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